S.T.I – a track by Lil Rafa

Who said our youth aren’t conscious?

Well, Lil Rafa certainly is.

He performed, along with another Grenadian artiste, Chantel, a song S.T.I which speaks to AIDS/HIV awareness, at a time when this kind of awareness efforts is needed.

Check out his video.


“Ordinary People” – These Two Grenadian Male Vocalists are No Ordinary People…

They went to the same school, the Presentation Brothers College (PBC). They both have amazing vocal talent. They are both teenagers.

They have both participated in two of the biggest vocalist competitions in Grenada – the Grenada Best Talent Competition and the GBN Gospel Challenge ┬áCompetition.

They are, respectively, Josh Berkeley and Jeverson Ramirez.

Catch them both doing their rendition of John Legend’s “Ordinary People.”


Josh Berkeley

Jeverson Ramirez


Jefferson Charles – “Tuff Out A Road”

Dancehall artsite Jefferson Charles gives us a tune for the hard times indeed.

“Tuff Out a Road” was released in October 2009, but will be relevant for a long time, as Grenadians from North to South face a terrible recession.

The song talks about the struggle to meet everyday basic needs – a song whose lyrics many can identify with in 2011.

Check out this track.


We Want More From >>>Island Girls<<<Turn Up the R a d i o!

The Island Girls are a group of young ladies who are all deeply involved in vocal performance. They have put out a number of tracks and videos, but “Radio” has been the one that has received the most rave reviews.

The video was produced by a director who lives off-island and whose company is named Nine-Recordings, which is based in the United Kingdom. However, the video was filmed right here in Grenada, against the backdrop of our lovely scenery.

Want a listen? Click ‘play.’


Can’t Get Enough of Keturah George? Get Some More.

Keturah George is quickly rising as a Jazz/R&B/Soul songstress on the Grenadian music scene. Her powerful vocals and compelling delivery is causing quite a stir amongst music lovers in Grenada and in the Diaspora.

Her recent performance at the Grenada National Queen Show, of “Natural Woman,” was extremely well-received. Here she is singing it again at a different venue – just in case you needed another dose of Keturah.